• Our specialty honey range derives from small batch extractions. We hand pick fully capped frames with the seasonal variety we're harvesting, then spin it separatley from our bulk honey range. Each specialty honey only has a limited window of availability and sold in 500g and 1kg jars while stocks last.


    Fergo's Farm Specialty Raw Honey is 100% natural, just as the bees love it.  So naturally all our honey comes from nectar gahered by bees from blossoms.  Raw honey is packed with antibacterial and antifungal properties and has natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals giving aid to many health benefits. 


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    Tasting Notes : faint toffee nose, transparent medium straw colour, starts with a soft spiciness which is quickly eclipsed by intense caramelee lychee, finishing with light grassy note.

    Specialty Raw Honey Range: Oh dear due to DROUGHT, we're out


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