From the apiary to the extraction plant

then into beautiful bee products

At the Apiary

At present we have apiary site within close reach of our Brisbane extraction plant.  Our sites have been chosen for their floral resources to give the bees a variety of flowering plants.  We farm our bees from the beautiful D'Aguilar mountain ranges to the Morton Bay coastline.


There is a lot of love that goes into our herbal-infusions.  Firstly we grow as many herbs as possible so we benefit from freshness and pesticide free herbs.  Once picked they are dried then infused in oils for four to six weeks. After straining through muslin cloth the butters and our beautiful chemical free beeswax is added to create the wonderful nurturing balm just for you. 

Bee products

We use beeswax, natural butters and oils that are infused with herbs that have medicinal qualities, when crafting our beautiful artisan bee products range.  Tap on a photo or the cosmetic jars above to head to our shop.