From the apiary to the extraction plant

then into beautiful bee products

At the Apiary

At present we have apiary site within close reach of our Brisbane extraction plant.  Our sites have been chosen for their floral resources to give the bees a variety of flowering plants.  We farm our bees from the beautiful D'Aguilar mountain ranges to the Morton Bay coastline.

Extraction plant 

Fergo's Farm extraction plant was purpose built with locally sourced equipment.  Our extractor started it's life as an 8 frame extractor however we repurposed it into a 42 frame extractor.  All equipment has been cleaned and sterilised as per food grade requirements.

Bee products

We use honey or beeswax in our natural bee products range and where possible we source organic ingredients when crafting our beautiful artisan products.  Tap on a photo or the cosmetic jars above to head to our shop.