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Re-branding Give away

Entering our competition isn't just about winning raw honey; it's an opportunity to savor the essence of nature's purest treasure. Imagine indulging in a selection of meticulously crafted raw honey varieties, each bursting with distinct flavors and textures that embody the rich tapestry of nature's bounty.


Enter your details to win:

The lucky entrant will embark on a journey of discovery as they capturing the essence of our seasonal variety flavours. Prize pack includes:

* 1kg Raw Honey (Mixed Blossom)

* 500g Raw Honey (Mixed Blossom)

* 250g Raw Honey (Mixed Blossom)

* 250g Paperbark Raw Honey

* 250g Blue Gum Raw Honey (1st Prize at the Brookfield Show)

* 250g Brush Box Raw Honey

* Twin pack Seasonal Variety Gift Pack

* Creamed Raw Honey

* Skep Beeswax Candle

* Fairy Egg Beeswax Candle

Prize value, over $115.

Mixed Blossom_edited.jpg




Give away details

* Giveaway begins on 5th July 2024 through to 5th August 2024.

* Giveaway drawn on 7th August 2024.

* Winner shall be notified by email or mobile and prize winner (first name) shall be posted on social media.

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