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Beeing happy with who you are and what you do!

Fergo's Farm is a husband and wife team determined to do their bit in making this world a better place. We started by practising permaculture in our backyard, growing plants for bees, with a veggie patch for our families and friends.  We have a firm policy: purchase organic options, ry-cycle everything we can, look for natural alternatives, use the sun for energy, don't waste water and bee good to your mother!  


Somewhere along the way we fell in love with bees

We had a native bee hive and then developed an interest in European bees.  At the end of 2015 we had seven hives full of beautiful, hard working, productive bees.  Now, this has grown to over 140 working hives.


Quietly commercial

In the winter of 2017 we had the confidence to go quietly commercial, and began our extraction plant build.  All our extraction equipment was locally sourced and re-purposed, giving new life to once-loved equipment.  Now that our plant is hygienically housed and running smoothly, we will continue expanding, but plan to stop at 300 hives.  This number will allow the two of us to manage the hives, keeping a sharp eye on health and hygiene and ensuring our bees have access to the best pollen nature provides.


More than honey

Making use of our beeswax is a high priority for Fergo's Farm as we love to re-use, re-love and re-cycle what we can.  So, after honey extraction we handcraft items combining natural ingredients with our clean chemical-free beeswax.  Our garden grown herbs with their medical qualities are a wonderful additive to the herb-infused bee products. We're passionate about crafting 'everyday use' products with ingredients that you know and understand. 

At the end of the day it is all about the bees for us.

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