• Give yourself a little boost of wellbeing with our herb-infused bee products range.

    Our Beeswax Lip Balms are crafter to assist with dry chapped lips.  First the oils are infused with herbs for four to six weeks to ensure their beneficial qualities are amply extracted. Then the softening butters and beeswax are combined to create this lovely 100% natural lip balm. Fergo's Farm is infusing two wonderful flavours at present, Honey and Peppermint or Vanilla and Chamomile. Growing what herbs we can for the herb-infused bee products range is profoundly empowering and gives you the benefit of fresh local herbs. We hope your enjoy the wonderful nurturing powers of nature as much as we do.

    Here at Fergo's Farm we are conscious about the environment and try very hard to steer clear of one-use-plastics, so our Lip Balms come in a dainty little 10 g aluminium pot (double the size of the plastic tubes) and a perfect size to slip into your pocket, ensuring soft lips anytime.

    Australian beeswax, harvested, hand crafted & packed by Fergo's Farm, Queensland.



    Herb-infused Lip Balm


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