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  • We make use of the by-product of honey extraction, by crafting Beeswax Candles. Our 100% natural chemical free Beeswax Candle's have a cotton braided wick and burn a lovely natural coloured light. 

    Beeswax Candles burn for longer than man made waxes. For example:


    Skep Beehive Cancle burnes for approximatley 5 hours

    Rose Heart Candle burns for approximatley 5 hours

    Fairty Ball/Egg Candle burns for approximatley 5-6 hours

    Rose Bear Candle burns for approximatley 12 hours

    Cylinder Candle burns for approximatley 38 hours



    * Place candle on a stabel, heat-resistant surfae to burn.

    * Never move a lit candle.

    * Never leave lit candle unattended.

    * Keep out of reach of children and pets.

    * Candle may drip.

    * Avoid exposure to drafts.

    * Trim wick to 6mm before lighting.

    * Candle base / tin may become hot.



    Beeswax Candles


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