• We had noticed the health benefits when using Melaleuca quinquenervia (Paperbark Tea-Tree) honey.  You can feel the tickle at the back of your throat, but also when used topically, dabbing it on cuts and skin abbrasions, it hastens healing substancially.  So we sent it into the University of the Sunshine Coast's Honey Lab for testing.  The results were exciting showing activity at MGO 34.


    The well known active honey Manuka comes from one strain of Leptospermum (L. Scoparium).  Australia has many Leptospermum species and a vast variety of other flowering species that provide active honey.  Jarrah honey for instance, is considered one of the worlds most premier healing honeys!


    So now, thanks to the Honey Lab's results very we're excited that our local Tea Tree is active and gives therapeutic benefits, it is a probiotic, prebiotic and anti-microbial. Give it a go - once your feel the health benefits you'll be using if for your natural healing more than expected.


    Fergo's Farm Raw Honey is 100% natural.  Raw honey is packed with antibacterial and antifungal properties and has natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals giving aid to many health benefits. 


    Our Raw honey is packaged in attractive square jars with easy on the eye labelling. We chose glass jars for environmental reasons as it’s a re-usable vessel and does not contribute to the worlds growing plastic problem.



    Active Raw Honey


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