Apiaries, extraction plant

and Bee products.

Fergo's Farm is owned and operated by a husband and wife team.  We farm our bees around the beautiful south eastern part of Queensland.  Having a hands on approach allows an intimate relationship with these wonderful creatures plus it provides us with a grounding connection to nature and our mother earth.  


What's in flower?

Full flavoured honey comes from the variety of trees & plants our bees forage on.  Check out what is in season and experience honey from the beautiful D'Aguilar mountain ranges to the Moreton Bay coastline. 

Why does my honey crystallise?

Honey's natural

health benefits!

There are SO many health benefits to Raw Honey, tap the stethoscope to read about just a few of them.

It is natural for honey to crystallize.  The formation of crystals or "candied" honey is due to changing of temperatures and the nature of the sugar contained in nectar.  Some raw honeys candy far quicker than others and some do not candy at all.  It all depends on the plants the bees feed on to make their honey.

Honey is recognised as a food that does NOT spoil.

To reverse candied honey back into liquid just place the honey in or over a pot of warm water to slowly warm.  Not too hot or you will reduce the honeys amazing health benefits.