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  • Savour the seasonal flavours with a these variety packs of dainty 65g jars. A fantastic and educational gift idea to hopefully provoke though as to where our food comes from. 


    Our specialty raw honey has such wonderfully rich and diverse flavours that we wish to share them with you in these charming Seasonal Variety gift packs. Each pack will delight your taste buds with either two or three jars of raw honey containing the variety of flower the bees were foraging on.


    Fergo's Farm Raw Honey is 100% natural, just as the bees love it.  So naturally all our honey comes from nectar gahered by bees from blossoms.  Raw honey is packed with antibacterial and antifungal properties and has natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals giving aid to many health benefits. 


    Our priority as Beekeepers is "It's all about the bees".

    Seasonal Varieties Gift Pack


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