• Just how the bees make it.


    Our Beeswax is 100% pure, natural and of course chemical free.  Great for crafting beeswax wraps, making natural candles, lip balms or many other craft projects. Always use a double boiler when melting Beeswax, never over an open flame.  It's melting point is 62-64°C.  Please stay present when melting your Beeswax.


    Our loaf shaped blocks will arrive wrapped in brown paper to protect it from dust.  Once received, if you notice a whiteish shean on the wax, this is Bloom.  Only 100% pure beeswax will 'bloom' and all 100% pure beeswax does 'bloom'.  So if you find beeswax that does not bloom, them suspect that it is not 100% pure and possible been blended. The 'bloom' on beeswax will simply wipe off with a soft cloth.


    If your after bulk quantities of Beeswax, please contact us for a quote.



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